Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More about her ex...

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest...
I just read more from Bob's FB page, and I can't help myself! I'm laughing my ass off!!! He seems to think that he'll sell the house he and Toni bought together. Yeah, right!!! I used to flip houses in Sacramento, and I've looked at their house. The house, in Sacramento, is only worth $220k. In order to sell that house, he's going to need to put at least $50k in Sacramento dollars to sell that house in Sacramento. In Portland, it's worth $180k, and it's gonna need at least $35k to $38k to flip that house. It has landscape issues (at least $12k's worth...), driveway issues (depending on how you prepare the driveway, that'll cost you $5k...), paint issues (that'll cost at least $10k...), roofing issues ($5k...), and a number of other things. He also seems to think that he can get a holiday from the bank to sell the house. Dude, have you been smoking what Romeo has been filling his litter box with, or what? The bank wants its money, plain and simple. They're not going to let you take a holiday from paying on the mortgage...what's wrong with you? Sure, there are plenty of programs out there to assist you in paying your mortgage should you need the assistance. But the bank wants to get paid.

He thinks he can sell it as a distressed property. He's got that right! It is distressed, and he was the cause of the distress in the first place. Him and my girl (unfortunately...) were both equally responsible for the distress, but it can't be helped. What's done is done. He isn't going to get even half of the mortgage for that house. The bank won't accept that, and he needs to learn that. Sure, he may sell the house for dirt cheap, but he'll still have to pay off the balance of the note. Sorry, but there will be no relief from the obligation of your loan. The only thing that you can do really, is to let Toni buy you out of the mortgage. You sign a quick claim release on any obligation to the house, and away you go! Free and clear from any obligations to Toni or the house.

The sad part of this whole sad affair, is that Toni is the only one in that relationship that was working. Again, he was unemployed for over a year, and refused to find anything but IT. He wasn't willing to go to school, and get his IT certifications. He thought that he could get by with just experience. Me, I could get away with that, but not him...he doesn't have my experience. He also doesn't have my education either. Toni told him, but he refused to listen...and that's the main reason why Toni wanted to leave him. He thinks that I was the sole reason for her departure, but what he doesn't or refuses to understand, is that what if I wasn't here? She would have still left him in June regardless of whether I was here or not... Sorry Bob, but you were measured, and were found to be sorely lacking. How many times do I have to tell you, but you're not her type, and you never were...remember intellectual equality? Not even close!!!

Aaron M. Freeman

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