Tuesday, December 23, 2014

School has started, so I have renewed hope...

Greetings from your freedom fighter, in Occupied Territory...

I started school last week, and I'm somewhat happy.  Why not completely happy?  Simple; I have to travel a considerable distance to get here.  It's a private college, but I decided to go through the Bachelor's Program, as opposed to an Associate's... I had planned on transferring to Stanford in order to complete my Ph. D., but the college that I had initially enrolled in, Clackamas Community, had fucked me over with financial aid.  You're wondering why I went to a JC, instead of a university, right?  For those of you that have never attended college, you can usually get classes that you need at a JC (as long as the courses fulfill the catalogue requirements for your major, you're fine, and you won't have to pay as much for the course.), for a lot less. 

This wasn't to be the case at Clackamas.  First off, I submitted my financial aid requests by the application deadline.  When school started, my first allotment of financial aid wasn't available.  WTF?!?!  I then had to apply for a loan from the school in order to pay for books, and I was approved without issue... I continued to follow up with their idiotic rules in order to get approval, yet the problems persisted.  It turns out, that I wasn't the only one that had to deal with this nonsense; I was just more vociferous than the rest of the sheeple... It scared the regressives here so much, they called campus security out on me, for fear that I was going to go postal on them!!!

Anyway, I went through the quarter, and played their silly game by their rules, and completed everything on "their" timetable (basically, when they felt you were ready to be seen by them... condescending asshats!!!).  But, I turned the tables on them (I got a copy of their SOP/rules... and quoted the book to them; they didn't like it, that this beaner could figure out their scam!!!), and made them expedite my request by showing them their procedures!  It pissed them off so much, I ended up having a sitdown with the Dean of Financial Services... I read her the riot act, and advised her that bigger schools in California can do this quicker and more accurately than you do here.  I then asked her, why is it taking so damn long to get this squared away; I was told that they're trying to discourage people from applying for financial aid by delaying it.  I yelled loudly, "Then why the hell do you make it available to us?!?!  Are you trying to give students that can't afford to attend college, a false sense of hope?!?!  If that's the case, then you should be ashamed of yourself!!!  We're trying to better ourselves, but you regressive socialists end up being no better than apartheid-era South Africa!!!  How do you like being compared to that?!?!" 

Needless to say, my reaction to this didn't go over well with the school... On a good note, the Assoc. Dean of Arts and Science cut me a break on my tuition.  He had heard of my plight (initially, a complaint had been filed by one of my instructors... She said that I was stalking her, but it was later discovered by the Dean, that I had business in that building at the time she said I was stalking her... This dumb bitch has some serious Daddy issues!!!), and cut my costs by 50%, and I thought that was cool.  I had garnered a lot of sympathy with the staff, but it was for naught...

So, when school ended in December, I found out a week before finals, that I had been denied for financial aid!!!  So, these assholes denied me, and fucked with me that whole time!  Wow!!!  What a surprise!!!  Do these people think that I'm just some uppity Mexican, willing to put up with whatever bullshit they give me?  Do they think that I'll acquiesce, and settle for their table scraps?!?!  Fuck no, I won't!!!  I'm too smart to let a bunch of racist libtards do this to me, and I won't!!!  The socialist apartheid system will be brought down, and not by peaceful means!  They've precipitated this disaster, yet they refuse to accept the consequences of their actions!  They insist that they're fair, but I say different!  They don't want someone like me telling them what I am... They insist that I fit into their little box that they've created for me... FUCK THAT!!!  I'M NOT A CRAYOLA, NOR AM I SOME LITTLE ASS KISSER THAT WILL ACQUIESCE TO THEIR DEMANDS!!!  I'M A FUCKING WARRIOR, AND WHEN THE TIME COMES, THERE WILL BE A FIGHT... but, make no mistake, I won't be the one starting the fight, but I will be there on the front lines... My ass hanging over the FEBA!!!  And, I sure as hell, won't be the only one there, either!

The balloon is slowly inflating, and the orchestra is tuning up to play the melody of war... I know that I'm being watched, but I don't care!  Let them come; I've waged war before!

Do any of you know what it's like to be a genius?

Greetings from occupied territory!

Does anyone here have any idea of what it's like to be a genius?  Most people probably think that it's probably easy, and that the world is your oyster!  Not!!!  You see, with genius, comes it's associated issues: ADD/ADHD!  You see, genius can be seen almost as a disability by normal people.  Why? Simple: with the ADHD, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to deal with normal people!  Since I've been in Oregon, I've been surrounded by stupid people... hard to believe, but it's true!  I thought that since this area has a large college educated populace, the people would be smarter... Not so!  If there's anything that I've learned from my time in Oregon, education doesn't equate to intelligence! Sure, there's a large number of people with post graduate degrees, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're smart.

What it does mean, is that they've played the game, kissed the right amount of ass, and got their degree.  I've done this as well, but since I've been attending school up here, I just haven't felt that level of motivation that I did in California... It also doesn't help when the school you're attending dicks you around with your financial aid.  Since I've been attending school here, I felt that they've been deliberately trying to dumb me down.  And, because of this, I'm rather angry!  What the hell happened to academic and intellectual freedom?!?!  I'll tell where it's gone... it's gone down the toilet!!!

It's pretty bad when it's become a moral crime to say Merry Christmas... Recently, while at school, I had someone say to me, "Happy Holidays..."  I responded by saying: "Merry Christmas!"  She repeated herself, as did I.  She then said to me that I shouldn't say that; I replied: "Who died, and made you the arbiter of free speech?!?!"  She also said this back, and I said to her names of those that died in defence of her right to say stupid shit like this.  Needless to say, she didn't like it!  Like I give a shit!  I don't care about your PC... your PC is nothing more than Newspeak English!!!  And, I won't succumb to this tyrannical attack on academic or intellectual freedom!!!  People, we need to rise up, and reverse this reprehensible trend in our hallowed halls of academia!!!  We need to purge these halls of this Orwellian nonsense once and for all!!!

As to the genius, they've tried to get me to think like they do, but I simply cannot!!!  Why?  Simple: I couldn't think that slow, even if I wanted to!  If I continue my educational path up here, I'm going to have to start medicating myself again.  That way, I can halfway tolerate these ignorant liberal retards!!!  I'm sure you'll agree, libtards tend to think that they're smarter than everyone else, yet fall flat on their faces when their policies are exposed as fraudulent!  They don't like being called on their sham policies.  To question them, is to risk being called homophobic, racist, misogynistic, sexist, etc... You know what, to counter this, we need to be resolute in our actions and beliefs that we're right!  We need to defeat their intelligentsia ideology with ideas that work... Show how foolish they are!  When you counter their voodoo logic with common sense and facts, they quickly retreat from the light!  Cockroaches will do that!

It's either we do it this way, or the way I've been advocating for quite some time: revolution!  And, not the kind of revolution that the regressives want... war!!!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Greetings from Occupied Territory!  As each day goes by, I'm bouyed by the fact that my words are as destructive as explosives on a railroad track!!!

Last night, I felt a little sarcastic, and decided to write a letter to a mythical president, in a mythical country... Here it is:

From the desk of Aaron M. Freeman

To: I.B. Zur├╝ckgeblieben
President of the Republic of Fucktardia

Greetings Mr. President,

I hope that all is well within the borders of your fine republic. They must be, if you're there, and not here! I must say, that I've visited your fine nation several times whilst under the influence of several mind altering chemicals, and I still preferred it here in my good ol' US of A! Yes, I know, I've heard you rail on about the perceived injustices in this country. I have to agree with you, there are injustices, but those injustices that cite were caused by your allies in the Democrat party...

Mr. President, I know how much you admire our capitalist system... you admire it so much, you've sent your intelligence operatives here to disrupt it! I've personally seen them infiltrate our private sector employers, and have gained employment within the various financial houses within this nation. I've also seen how they've manipulated the futures markets, the bond markets, as well as the stock market... all to benefit you, and your allies within the Democrat Party. I've seen how your operatives have also manipulated the real estate market; man, you must be rolling in the dough after that fiasco!

I also have seen what you've been doing to our so called forth estate! I've seen your operatives at work there as well, writing stories that discredit America, and apologise for American exceptionalism, and our rugged individualism. I bet, that it bugs you to no end, that America has survived so long, and hasn't collapsed under the weight of our tyrannical capitalist system!!! I know you think we're nothing more than colonialists or imperialists, but nothing could be further from the truth! From what I've seen during my previous visits to your nation, you prefer a Marxist form of government, one where the dictatorship of the proletariat has been replaced by the intelligentsia elite. I know that you value and stress conformity, and I know how you prefer the collectivist mindset, with you in charge, of course!

The sad thing is, that all these regimes end up collapsing under their own weight! Take Romania for example... It was a nation, similar to your own, but with more restrictions on freedom (I know how much you hate freedom, Mr. President, but I know you value your position as President for Life... so, you tolerate some freedoms...). In the end Ceausescu, the dictator of Romania, was executed! A similar fate befell East Germany, except that the East Germans didn't execute their leader, Erich Honecker... I believe he fled to Chile in exile. But, I know you, Mr. President... you, you're a survivor, and you'll do anything, say anything... all to retain power!

I believe, that the Republic of Fucktardia is well-served by you, Mr. President... but, could you do this American an favour? Could you cease and desist your intelligence operations here? I only ask, because you really don't want me coming back to your country, do you? I mean, think about what I could do to your nation, by simply exposing the citizens of your fine nation to a little American culture? You've spent your entire political career demonising America as a decadent perversion, or an example of what happens when the revolution fails! See, here's the thing; our revolution didn't fail... it succeeded! In fact, it continues to succeed, in spite of your intelligence operations within my nation! In fact, in spite of the successes of your intelligence operations, you now realise that you're losing ground to the American Revolution, and now you fear that all you've worked so hard to undo, is about to undo all you've worked so hard for!!! So, with that said, it's a small favour to ask. Can you help a guy out with this?

Anyway Mr. President, I will write again, because I'm well-aware of the fact that your nation has censored the internet, and the media, but surprisingly... not the mail! I'd send you a message via email, but your secret police would intercept it, and consider it to be subversive! I wouldn't want that, and I'm sure you really want to continue the correspondence with a Real American! So, have a great day, and try not to get yourself overthrown... eventually, all good things must end!


Aaron M. Freeman

Friday, June 20, 2014

April showers, brought May flowers... But, when am I going to get my bouquet?

Greetings from Occupied Territory...

I started this blog a couple of years ago, with the hopes of documenting my thoughts while in NW Oregon.  I thought that when I first came here, it would be so much better than California... Boy, was I sadly mistaken!  Whenever you hear of the Left, and how "tolerant" they claim to be, know that it's nothing but a lie.  Why do I say it's a lie?  Simple; they're only tolerant, as long as your ideas don't interfere with their preconceived opinions!

With regards to racism, the Portland area is by far, one of the most racist in the country... yes I said it, Portland is a bastion of racism!  If you don't believe me, even National Report says so (http://nationalreport.net/portland-oregon-deemed-racist-city-united-states/), as does this person (http://browninpdx.tumblr.com/)... At one time, Lake Oswego, OR had the dubious nickname of Lake No Negro.  Now, why would an affluent community like Lake Oswego have such an intolerant nickname?  Simple; they were racists, and still are!!!  That isn't to say that the Black community (I won't deign to call them African-American, because the term is oxymoronic... Would a white Afrikaner woman from South Africa, becomes an American citizen... Does this make her African-American?  Or how about the Arab from Morocco?  Same situation... Does that make that person, African-American? It should, because they came directly from the continent of Africa; but sadly, it isn't the case!!!) has made strides towards equality, especially those that adopt the Leftist Agenda.  Because they chose to cave into "Whitey's demands," they get the table scraps of the Leftist White table!  Wow... how does it feel, knowing that you've just compromised all of your principles, just to collect table scraps?!?!

Let's get real, people... The Black Community for all intents and purposes, is very conservative!  There are those of you that say otherwise, but I know better!  When I was younger, I attended an AME Baptist Church in Olivehurst, CA.  My neighbours (and subsequently, my best friends at the time) were Black, and I understand how they are!  They're family oriented, faith based, and Mom and Dad won't put up with bullshit from the kids!  Kids that were bad, got their asses beat... plain and simple!  This recent phenomenon of Blacks collecting welfare, and living the "gangsta life," is something that occurred within the last 50 years!  With the advent of the Great Society, Blacks within the urban areas were fed a line of bullshit that helped to create this dependence!  Now, the Gangsta Lifestyle is part of our pop culture.  It's a phenomenon I'd honestly like to see pass, just like Haley's Comet.

What about us Latinos?  It's much worse for us up here, because we're different from the Leftist Whites.
We don't speak English as our first language (I'm not including myself, for I was born in California, and my first language is English, even though I was raised within the culture... I served in the U.S. Marine Corps, and I consider America my home! This place is something that I put my ass on the line to defend, with my life, if necessary!), and our traditions aren't exactly WASPy traditions!  We're Catholic, not Protestant.  We're brown, not white.  We're loyal to our families, in spite of the fact that we have family members that are complete assholes... We work hard to provide for our families, in spite of the ungrateful children we may have.  We also work hard to instill virtues into our children; virtues like the value of working hard, thrift, personal responsibility, the value of family, and faith!

It seems that these values, are almost nonexistent within the Leftist White community here, for I've seen families destroyed by drugs, alcohol, and premature pregnancy.  Because we have these values, we're often scorned by the Leftist White establishment.  Why?  Simple... we prefer to earn our way, rather than to depend upon them for sustenance, or financial aid.  Because of this, we're often only able to find menial work, all because the Leftist Whites just don't understand how it is this Mexican guy is willing to work longer than this White guy...

As for me, I'm unique... I don't fall into the category of Hispanic (I do, but according to them, I don't), because I don't have a Spanish surname, or a Spanish accent.  Because I look Hispanic, I often have to deal with condescending Leftist Whites here.  They'll try to speak Spanish to me; what shocks the hell out of them (and is a constant source of vindictive amusement to me...), is when I respond in either German, or French!!!  Or, even better... English!!!  When I respond in English, they're even more shocked that a Hispanic can speak their language better than they can!  What's even more disturbing to them, is that I'm better educated than they are!!!  At first, this was amusing, but as my time stretched into years, it has grown offensive!  When you're in a foreign country, do you try to speak English to them, or do you try to speak the language that they speak there?  The USA has become unique in this regard, because of the Leftist notion of amnesty for illegals!

Leftist Whites don't want to do the menial work, so they leave it to the illegals.  This is something they turn a blind eye to, and for good reason... They want to destroy our country, the same way the ANC destroyed South Africa!  As an American, I find these Leftist Whites to be offensive, and should be prosecuted for their intolerance!  Before you start thinking that I'm racist, know this... I'm not!  My wife is White (Italian), my ex is White, and the majority of my friends in California are White!  All of my girlfriends have been White, though I have had interludes with ladies of different ethnic persuasions! So, with that being said, these are only observations I've made since I've been here.  And, unless the Leftist White establishment stops this nonsense, Oregon will continue on its downward spiral into economic morass.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Progressives... intellectuals, or pseudo intellectuals?

Greetings from Occupied Territory...
It's been awhile.
Anyway, since I've been here, I've constantly run into Anglos that somehow think they're intellectually superior to me.  Okay, I'll let you believe that, right up to the point where I embarrass you through debate.  You see, the "Progressive" thinks that he/she is intellectually superior to any racial minority.
Why?  Simple... they're under the impression that they're here to help me...  Really?  What have you done for me, besides fuck me out of work?!?!  Absofuckinglutely nothing!!!

As I've stated in the past, I'm an IT professional, with a degree in Computer Science.  Here it seems, I'm not  mentally capable of performing any IT work whatsoever... Or, that I should be doing something menial, like labourer or landscaping.  Sorry, but I was never meant for that, so you need to recognise this!  I came up here with the hopes that I could have a new life with the love of my life, but only part of that has happened.  The new life with the love of my wife...  I need to find a way to secure funds, so that I can get the certification I need, so these assholes can't refuse me!!!

At the moment, the only certification I have, is a non-expiring CompTIA A+ which I got back in 2002.  It has served me well, but I need more certs!  My Cisco and my Microsoft certs have long expired, and because of this, I can't find work.  I've got the experience they're looking for, and I demonstrate the proficiency they need... but, unless I have certs, they won't consider hiring me.  Or, maybe it's because I'm Latino... If that's the case, then I'm not surprised!  Portland has been called a racist town, not by me, but by National Review (http://nationalreport.net/portland-oregon-deemed-racist-city-united-states/)... In doing research, I've found sites that have said the same thing about that place.  Still, I've grown incredulous knowing this... I found this as well, and I thought the writer of the blog was spot on!!! (http://www.7stopsmag.com/street-level/the-state-of-whiteness/) Anyway, my question is, how do we change the mindset here?

I'm tired of trying to be nice to people that are intellectually inferior to me!  I'm tired of sugar coating things for people that can't handle the truth.  I'm tired of a lot of things here; when can I leave, or better still, when will the civil war finally start?!?!  I'm also tired of polishing a turd... No matter what you do with it, it's still a turd!!!

So, why do I stay?  Simple, I can't afford to move away from this hellhole... If I had the cash to take the cert exams, I'd get certed, then get a job, then get my lovely wife and I, the fuck out of Dodge!!!  As to the title of this blog; are Progressives intellectuals?  From my experiences here in Portland, not no, but hell no!!!  Again, I'm tired of dealing with people who are intellectually inferior to me!  It sucks being a genius when you're surrounded by fucking morons!!!  No one can appreciate the gift you have, because they're too busy drooling over themselves, contemplating in groupthink, how best to ruin other peoples lives...