Monday, April 2, 2012

Portlanders are too thin-skinned!

Greetings from Occupied Metro Portland...

My 2 year anniversary is fast approaching, and it's not something I'm not looking forward to. I have discovered that I really hate Portland. I have never seen so many closed-minded people in one place, and at one time!!! The people here pride themselves on being "progressive minded..." I have to constantly remind them that there is no "progress" in socialism, only regress! They hate that, hate it with a passion!!! In fact, they try to correct me, saying that they're doing this for the good of mankind... spare me!!! I tell them, that if they realise their dreams, they're only going to be brushed aside by communists, treated as useful idiots. When I tell them they're useful idiots, they also get mad, saying they're not idiots! I tell them, this is what the communist Lenin called "progressives;" progressives do all the work, and the communists simply steal it out from under them. I have history on my side. Anyway, enough of those fucktards, they're useless!

I finally married my High School sweetheart Toni on 22 December 2011. I left my ex Elena for Toni; my life hasn't been the same since. I found out that I had ADHD, and through Toni's mom, I've been receiving care for it. Now, I've gotten better, but I'm still having issues with it. At least now, I'm getting meds for it, but I think that I might have to seek counselling. But, we shall see. Toni has been the best thing that has happened to me; I am so madly in love with her! Toni loves me, and I love her; no one is going to stop that! Though, in the beginning of our second time around, there were those here in Portland that were on the side of Toni's ex Bob. Bob, had started some major shit with his friends, and it caused us issues. I was able to contain a lot of the damage, and change opinions about us. So, we've survived this, and even Bob accepted us. We're on good terms with him now, and even sometimes help him if he asks.

Anyway, back to Portland. I recently started working at Providence Portland Hospital. Normally, I'm very bombastic, and very outgoing. I was working on a UPS install in the ICU, and had to wait for the drivers to install. I moved from under the counter, and was achy due to several broken bones. Anyway, I came up, and I was moaning as I came up. A nurse asked me if I was ok, and I told her that I was. She asked me how it happened, so I told her. Granted, it took about 5 minutes to tell her, but she didn't say that she wasn't interested. The only thing I did wrong, was that I was a bit loud (if you've known me for any length of time, you'll know that I'm usually loud, but I can be very quiet!). Wow, what a whiny bitch... I'm just so tired of Portland! I'm interested in moving away from here, but I don't have the money to move away!!!
Toni says that we can move away, but I told her that I need my certs!

Anyway, enough from me, I'm done!