Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Is Law Enforcement abusive? Hell yes, it is!!!

Greetings from from your Freedom Fighter in Occupied Territory...

During this week, I've made several posts on Facebook with regards to Chris Dorner.  Several of my conservative friends got mad at me for assuming that I supported all of Dorner's actions.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  As I stated in a post on Facebook, I am a Libertarian... This means that I'm not conservative, though I often support their views.  In order to return to a libertarian rule, you have to get there through conservative means.  I did support his actions against the LAPD though, because if anyone is familar with the LAPD or any CA Law Enforcement agency, you know how bad they can be.  I've seen the abuses from both sides of the badge, but I wasn't in a position to be Frank Serpico... But, I've been a vocal opponent to corrupt Law Enforcement practices.  I'm often quick to point out things that I notice the cops are doing.  I'm going to piss off my conservative friends yet again, but I've got to say this... There are many of you that are supporters of  Law Enforcement, and Law and Order.  As such, you're insulated to some of the excesses of Law Enforcement.  A lot of you assume that because the cops are constantly somewhere, it must be a bad area.  Or, how people are constantly under Law Enforcement scrutiny because of their actions.  Nine times out of ten, you would be right, but it's that tenth time where you see things as they are. How many times have the cops just forced their way into someone's house without a warrant?  In CA, every day!  In Sacramento for example, as soon as you open the door, the cops often force it open as soon as you open the door.  Their justification?  They'll claim exigent circumstances... the problem with that, is that like the truth, it can be hyper-extended!!!  How many people have been murdered by Law Enforcement in the last few years in CA?  I don't know the exact numbers, but I know it's a large number!  Do they ever get prosecuted?  No, they don't, and they should...

Now, back to the blog.  As you all know Chris Dorner, former Police officer with LAPD, and Naval Officer... May have been killed in a pitched battle with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department.  The cops killed him... Period, end of statement!  Why do you think they killed him?  Maybe he had some evidence against them, and had to silence him permanently.  Until they're able to ID the corpse they found, he's not dead.  As for the wallet they found, isn't it convenient that his wallet survived the fire?  I thought that the cabin had a basement or was raised on pedestals?  If so, there'd be plenty of air circulation, and everything would've been burned beyond recognition.  And the fire... I've seen structure fires, and usually they burn with either white or grey smoke.  That one, burned with black smoke.  Whenever something burns black like that, an accelerant is used.  Too many things that make you go hmmm...

What's my point?  My point is that we as a community, need to stand up to this aggression now, peacefully... Start the ball rolling, force the changes to happen!  Law Enforcement is incapable of policing itself, so we need to get more citizens involved with observing Law Enforcement in action, and help change policy. They don't want to change, so we in the community need to change them!  But, the question is: will they honour their oaths of office, and protect the community from the Feds?  LE is not your friend, and contrary to what their PAO says.  Make no mistake about it, when the Feds finally repeal the 2nd Amendment, the cops will come, and they look forward to it!  I spoke with a few deputies with Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Department, and asked them.  Only one deputy declined to answer, stating that we don't get into politics while on duty.
Another deputy, probably a detective, said that if the order came down, they'd do their job... I asked him then, if they felt if people would stand against them; he said probably, but they had contingency plans to deal with them (a la Dorner...).  I told him, when they do, they should be prepared to deal with trained combatants engaging them.  He didn't think that was a problem.  I then said to him, he shouldn't be so cocky, because even the best laid plans often go to hell during the first 5 minutes of contact.  They're terrified of dealing with real warriors!  And, with all of the guys and gals returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan, there's going to be a lot of combat vets... No wonder Napolitano called us possible terrorists!

How will we deal with this threat?  First off, we don't hole up anywhere where they can burn you out.
Second, you need to organise into cells, and stash weapons there.  You'll need explosives, anti tank weapons, ammo, and kit.  You need to get as physically fit as you can.  You need to familiarise yourself with small unit tactics, fire and manoevre warfare.  You need to familiarise yourself with how to use explosives, and how to use various weapons systems.  Why?  Because, when the time comes, you and your cell will have to operate independently from other groups, and you're going to have to bring unconventional warfare to them when the time is right.  As it stands now, not everyone is supporting Law Enforcement.  And, with agencies getting block grants from DoD and weaponry from them, they're only going to get more brazen and arrogant!  I've asked this question before: when the time comes, will you stand against a tyrannical regime, or will you just be content to accept the decrees of a tyrant?  I'm not going to surrender to them... but then again, I'm not going to war just yet!  The time is almost upon us, and those in Law Enforcement will be made accountable to the communities they're sworn to protect and serve.  And, I wouldn't want to be them when the community rises against them!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Civil War... can it happen again?

Greetings from a freedom fighter in Socialist Occupied Territory!

Civil war... wow!  We've come this far, and now the term is being heard more now.  Does this scare you?
The former Marine in me isn't scared, but is in fact, looking forward to it!  But, the father in me is terrified of this prospect!  I've been trying to educate my children on current events, but it would seem that they're being willfully ignorant.  Then again, they're in California; education has gone downhill to the point of avalanche!!!
Things have gone downhill since the coronation of the Dear Leader, and will only get worse.

During the reign of the Clintonistas, there were murmurs of war back then.  Especially after the whole Ruby Ridge fiasco.  Granted, Randy Weaver is an unrepentant white supremacist, but he still has rights under our constitution!  His kids and wife shouldn't have died, and his son should've gotten a medal for defending his mother!  The ATF and FBI shooters in this whole affair should've been prosecuted.  But, because they're federal law enforcement officials, they're of the opinion that they're exempt from prosecution!  Lon Horiuchi, the FBI sniper that killed Weaver's wife, I believe was finally charged with voluntary manslaughter.  Sadly, the Feds intervened, got the charges dropped, and the State of Idaho didn't bring up the charges again.

Back to the possibility of civil war... will it happen?  Hell yes, it will!!!  Why?  Because the Federal Government under Comrade Barack, has usurped the Constitution on several occasions.  He's used his so called Czars to implement his agenda, bypassing Congress!  He's issued so many Executive Orders whenever Congress failed to move his agenda forward, that he's in violation of the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution.  It's no wonder that people haven't pushed for impeachment sooner!  Especially all of the birthers!!!

People, don't worry about the war!  War isn't the thing we have to worry about!  What we have to worry about are those out there that have gone out of their way to advance an agenda that isn't American!  I've heard so Leftists say that we're a centre left country; not true... we're centre right!!!  They say that we want nationalised health care... I beg to differ!!!  We don't want it, nor do we want Obamacare!!!  Do we want gun control?  They seem to think so!  They think they know best how to live our lives than we do!  Soon enough, they're going to find out the hard way, how we feel about their designs for our nation!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Will the UN get their agenda passed this time?

Greetings from Occupied Territory...

In March, the UN will bring up for a vote their insidious Arms Trade Treaty(  Now, the question is... will they get it passed there?  The answer is yes, they will!  They'll get it passed in their body, but will the U.S. Senate ratify the treaty?  Among the majority of the Democrats in the Senate, the liberals will vote to support the ratification of this.  But, how many Republicans will support this?  There's a good possibility that the Republicans and a minority of Democrats aren't going to support it.  But, will this kill this law?  Probably not, because the Dear Leader will just use Executive Fiat to order it passed.

There have been several in the House that said they'd file Articles of Impeachment if he tries it.  Will they have the testicular fortitude to do this?  The delegation from Texas have already said they would.  We can count on the delegation from Wyoming, Utah, and Montana.  Hell, we can even count on some of the delegation from California to support those willing to file!  In spite of what most think they know about California, California is probably the reddest of the Red States!  But, you'd never know it from how loudly the idiots from LA or from the Bay Area scream!  As someone from California, I can tell you that California is very conservative!  It's more purple than either blue or red...

The whole State of Jefferson started in California, and southern Oregon bought into it... But, I digress!
When the UN gets their agenda through, they're going to expect their agents provocateur to keep the ball rolling.  The UN and Socialist International are going to expect results soon, and the Dear Leader is working hard to do this as I speak.  How can we, simple Americans, combat this kind of tyranny?  Simple... but it's going to take some difficult choices on your part!

Step 1. You have to come to the conclusion that the U.S. Government has been compromised to the globalists.  As of late, our government has been involved with some questionable actions involving the UN, and I find this trend rather disturbing.  There's been a move towards global governance, and this goes against everything that our Founding Fathers stood for!  Perhaps you've heard of the government at all levels getting involved with sustainability issues, and smart growth?  This is all part of the UN's Agenda 21, the smart growth initiative.  There's nothing smart about this, nor is there any growth to speak of.  In fact, it encourages the exact opposite of growth... it seeks to take away from you, your very rights to own private property!

Step 2. You have to say to yourself, that enough is enough!  This is the beginning of political actualisation; where you realise that all you've been lead to believe has been wrong!  Things that teachers were teaching you in school about the Constitution (the contradictory things like how the Founders were bad...), the USA, and the environment.  It then becomes your responsibility to unlearn all this enculturation (for a better understanding of what enculturation is, read this:, and strive for a better epistimology (, or a better way of thinking!

Step 3. Choose to take a stand against tyranny!  Now that you've done the first two steps, this is where you have to ask yourself: where do I stand?  If you're like me, you're mentally and emotionally prepared to do whatever it takes to stand against this!  But, I'm also prepared to do more than the average person is willing to do.  I'm prepared to make the ultimate stand against tyranny, and put my ass on the line once again in defence of an ungrateful nation!  I'm not going to be alone in this struggle, for there are thousands of like minded people out there!  If you don't believe me, all you have to do is look at Facebook to see what I'm talking about!

The sad thing about this whole ordeal is that this struggle isn't going to be an All American affair; oh no! Make no mistake about it, the Socialists worldwide have been working behind the scenes for the last 100 plus years to make their Socialist Workers' Paradise a reality!  They've been following the Trotsky playbook, reading Marx, masturbating to Mao, or preaching Alinsky!!!  No matter what they believe, they're going to come here to finalise their conquest!  But, thousands of people like me, have chosen to stand with for the Constitution.  As for our military, they will also stand with their brothers in arms, and fight for America!