Friday, November 30, 2012

Greetings from The Socialist Pacific NW...

I can't even begin to tell you how disgusted I am right now!  I should do this more often, for it would seem that I have attracted some attention from outside sources.  Not negative attention mind you, but someone wanted me to write for them.  I sure wish they'd contact me now!  I'd really be interested in doing this full-time!  Anyway, since I've lived in Oregon, I've discovered that this state is ran by liberals; no surprise there, most states are being ran into the ground by them!  I've also discovered that the libs here pride themselves on tolerance... uh yeah, right!  Do they even know what that word means?  Probably not, but let's go with that!
First, they say that they want minorities and women treated fairly.  Okay, this sounds good on paper, but how about in practice?  Who's rules are you using to define your fairness, yours or those are considered socially acceptable in mixed company?  When I say mixed company, I'm referring to liberals and conservatives, working together... unlikely, I know... but I can dream, right?

If we go by socially acceptable rules, then the best qualified person gets the position, regardless of race, creed, colour, sex (I refuse to use gender; not a real word, but a constructed word used to purge the language of thoughtcrime... sex refers to what you are, as well as roles in society; gender is a PC word, whose use is suspect at best... just use sex!), religious preference, or sexual orientation.  If you have the right qualifications, and they like you... well then, good for you!  But, if we used the libtard rules, then those things I described earlier, have been flushed down the toilet!  Here in Oregon, libtards have preconceived opinions about everything, especially race.  I don't know about you, but I'm a Latino, and my experience is unique.  I have an Anglo father, and a Latina mother.  I have my father's last name, and I don't sound like a Latino (stupid question: what the hell is a "Latino" supposed to sound like?  I mean, really... what do "Latinos" sound like?  All the ones I know sound different!).  Plus, I'm educated in a field that "Latinos" don't normally get into.

You're wondering what field, right?  Well, I'm a computer science major, and I've attended Stanford University, San Jose State University, Kaplan College, American River College, and a couple of VoTechs along the way... I don't speak with a Spanish accent (I think this is what they mean by sounding Latino... whatever, I'm from California, and I've heard Latinos with Southern drawls...), and I really despise when someone attempts to speak Spanish with me.  Please!  Don't!  I expect this from Mexicans, because I look like them; to them, I'm Mexican-American..., I speak Spanish, though not as fluent as I'd like.  But, what irritates me more than anything, is when an Anglo comes up to me, and speaks Spanish to me!  Now, if you're from Spain, or learned Spanish in Spain, that's okay!  But, don't condescend and try to speak to me... you may not like what you hear from me!  I've been known to respond in German, French, or Japanese; people don't know how to react to that!  Except once; I had a Frenchman speak Spanish to me, and I responded in French!  He responded back to me in French, and wanted to know where I learned to speak French with such a good accent!  We chatted it up for a couple of minutes, then he left!  Now, he wasn't trying to be offensive, he's proof, that you don't have to be condescending if you're Anglo.

Back to what I was saying about Oregon... I had applied for a job at the University of Oregon, and I had submitted all the documents I needed for the position I applied for.  I received a letter in the mail a month later, stating that I wasn't being considered for the position, and thank you for applying.  I looked further into this, and found out that they terminated my application... Why you ask?  Because, they felt that I was being dishonest on my application!  Really?  Where?  Well, they finally said that it was because they felt I was being dishonest on my EEOC paperwork.  Remember that preconceived opinions thing I spoke of earlier?
This is what I mean; they felt that there's no way that I could be Latino with an Anglo last name, and speaking with accentless English!  Well, I do have an accent, but it's from California... I've been told from people up here that I sound like I'm from California; really?  Wow, I wasn't aware that I had an accent beyond my American English accent!  Whenever people up here hear me speak, they're often blown away that I sound the way I do... for they thought that I would sound like I was a Mexican, and would be unable to speak clear English!  I get this all the time up here, and it irritates me to no end!

So, now you have an idea why I'm so irritated; I'm looking for work, and the powers that be are doing everything wrong with regards to the economy!  Unless they forcibly remove their craniums from rectal defilade, I feel that oxygen deprivation will starve their already small brains of the oxygen needed for higher brain function!