Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Civil War... can it happen again?

Greetings from a freedom fighter in Socialist Occupied Territory!

Civil war... wow!  We've come this far, and now the term is being heard more now.  Does this scare you?
The former Marine in me isn't scared, but is in fact, looking forward to it!  But, the father in me is terrified of this prospect!  I've been trying to educate my children on current events, but it would seem that they're being willfully ignorant.  Then again, they're in California; education has gone downhill to the point of avalanche!!!
Things have gone downhill since the coronation of the Dear Leader, and will only get worse.

During the reign of the Clintonistas, there were murmurs of war back then.  Especially after the whole Ruby Ridge fiasco.  Granted, Randy Weaver is an unrepentant white supremacist, but he still has rights under our constitution!  His kids and wife shouldn't have died, and his son should've gotten a medal for defending his mother!  The ATF and FBI shooters in this whole affair should've been prosecuted.  But, because they're federal law enforcement officials, they're of the opinion that they're exempt from prosecution!  Lon Horiuchi, the FBI sniper that killed Weaver's wife, I believe was finally charged with voluntary manslaughter.  Sadly, the Feds intervened, got the charges dropped, and the State of Idaho didn't bring up the charges again.

Back to the possibility of civil war... will it happen?  Hell yes, it will!!!  Why?  Because the Federal Government under Comrade Barack, has usurped the Constitution on several occasions.  He's used his so called Czars to implement his agenda, bypassing Congress!  He's issued so many Executive Orders whenever Congress failed to move his agenda forward, that he's in violation of the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution.  It's no wonder that people haven't pushed for impeachment sooner!  Especially all of the birthers!!!

People, don't worry about the war!  War isn't the thing we have to worry about!  What we have to worry about are those out there that have gone out of their way to advance an agenda that isn't American!  I've heard so Leftists say that we're a centre left country; not true... we're centre right!!!  They say that we want nationalised health care... I beg to differ!!!  We don't want it, nor do we want Obamacare!!!  Do we want gun control?  They seem to think so!  They think they know best how to live our lives than we do!  Soon enough, they're going to find out the hard way, how we feel about their designs for our nation!

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