Friday, December 14, 2012

Tragedy at a mall...

Greetings from occupied Socialist territory!

On Tuesday, the unthinkable happened at Clackamas Town Centre (  Some Portland dipshit named Jacob Roberts (, walked into the mall, went up to the food court, and opened fire... He fired 60 rounds, and succeeded in killing 3, including himself.  He also managed to wound a 15 year old girl.  He was said to have been armed with an AR-15, and wearing a load bearing vest filled with magazines.  The miracle of the situation was that his weapon managed to jam, and he was unable to clear it in time to shoot more people.  He finally managed to clear the weapon long enough to do Clackamas County the courtesy, and shot himself!

Who was this guy?  His name was Jacob Roberts, and he was 22 years old.  He recently broke up with his girlfriend, and started to sell off all of his worldly possessions!  That should've been the first clue that something was wrong... This is usually the first sign that someone wants to end it all.  Getting things in order is another sign.  I'm curious if they found a suicide note or not...  What's funny in this whole affair is the fact that his friends had no clue that he was going to do this, and that he had stolen an AR-15!  Again, thank God that he didn't have full knowledge on how to properly use this weapon!

The weapon in question is an AR-15.  In the hands of a trained person, this weapon can be devastating!  If you're familiar with fields of fire, fire discipline, and other combat tactics, death to the enemy is all but certain.
But, in the hands of an untrained person, you're probably going to do more harm than good!  The shooter's ultimate demise was the malfunction of the weapon due to jamming.  He didn't know how to clear the weapon, and paid for that mistake with his life.  In the Marine Corps, they train you extensively and exhaustively on how to use that rifle!  They teach you how to clean it, how shoot it, how to disassemble and reassemble it blindfolded!  Hell, they even tell you to give your weapon a name!  By the time recruit training is finished, you've cleaned your rifle countless times, and you know the weapon intimately inside and out!
And, the one thing that they train you on is the most important: immediate action drills!

When your weapon malfunctions, you perform immediate action.  There's a whole set drill you do to a mnemonic known as SPORT Fire... 1)S is for slap up on the magazine. 2)P is for pull the charging handle.
3)O is for observe the ejection port to see if the casing or live round has cleared the breach.  4)R is for release the charging handle, allowing the bolt to chamber another round. 5)T is for tap on the forward assist to seat the round in the chamber, and 6)Fire the weapon... I don't know about the Army, or how they conduct this drill, but I do know how the Marine Corps does it.  I left Boot Camp in November of 1987, and I still remember how to do this!  I'm just glad, as are others that were that day, that he didn't know how to perform this drill!

Now, this happened a couple of days ago, and as is typical after a tragedy like this... political vultures swoop down to pick at the bodies from the tragedy!  I mean, the parasitic Regressives couldn't even wait until after the funerals to move for more gun control!!!  Get real!!!  The first thing this idiot did wrong was to steal the rifle from a friend!  Yes, he STOLE THE RIFLE FROM A FRIEND!!!  What gun control law would've prevented that?  None!!!  The next gun control law he broke was to violate the gun free zone of the Mall... a lot of good that did, right?  Then, he started shooting at people... discharging a firearm within the urban areas is kinda frowned upon, so there's another!  So, let's see, how many did he violate?  By my count, at least 3, but who's counting?  And now, the opportunists want to enact another assault weapons ban, but here in Oregon?  Good luck with that here!

First off, Regressives need to stop smoking so much plumber's crack!  Pot makes you stupid, but plumber's crack makes you permanently stupid!  In other words, you've condemned yourself to a life of mental retardation!  And no, there's nothing "challenging" about being a retard!  You just ARE a retard!  Instead of trying to live our lives for us, why don't you try to live your own life first?  Are your lives so fucked up, that you have to fuck everyone else's lives just to spread the misery?  Be happy with your misery, and keep that shit to yourselves!  I've got enough misery on my own, that I don't need you imposing your misery on me!  Fuck you very much!!!

So, what have learned here today?  We've learned that the Regressives are vultures, opportunistic scavengers that can't wait to feast on the dead of a new tragedy!  We've learned that gun control laws only work on the law abiding.  And, we've also learned that government can't legislate morality!  No matter how many new laws you enact, the criminal will make it his mission to usurp the laws that you enact to "protect" us!!!  Do us a favour, and don't enact anymore laws!!!  If you must do something, why don't you repeal the crap laws that don't work, or leave us alone to live our lives!!!  Just saying!

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