Sunday, December 23, 2012

Is this the twilight of our beloved Republic?

Greetings from the Authoritarian Socialist Pacific Northwest!!!

Due to the spate of recent "massacres" here, it would seem that the vocal minority of authoritarian socialists feel empowered and emboldened to action!    With the theft of the election by Comrade Barack the Dear Leader, they feel that now is the time for the destruction of our Republic by any means necessary.  So now, we have what appears to be the unification of all the diverse Leftist groups under the banner of gun control movement.  They're not going to stop until they've repealed the 2nd Amendment.  And, the Dear Leader has threatened to do something next month.  The question is: what is he going to do?  He's been known to use his executive fiat to bypass Congress to usurp the Constitution, and I'm thinking that he might do just that.  If he does this, he's in direct violation of the Constitution, and will be subject to impeachment for his actions.  But, will the House have the testicular fortitude to bring up Articles of Impeachment against him, and will the Senate have the testicular fortitude to convict him?

I have been telling everyone that I know that war is all but imminent here.  But, it would seem that it has fallen on deaf ears.  It would also seem that the Dear Leader also wants war, but why?  I've come to the conclusion that he thinks that if war happens, he can institute martial law and further usurp the Constitution.  One small problem: there's no love lost between him, law enforcement and the military.
What will they do if he orders the 2nd Amendment null and void?  Will they follow orders, or will they stand down and stay out of this fight?  If they do, I feel that the Dear Leader will attempt to enlist the help of the UN.  If they do, I'm certain that this will galvanise patriots, all patriots to action.  The Dear Leader has sent word, through his agents, to start the confiscation already through buyback programs.
Where are they getting the money from?  Could it be that our recent financial issues stem from the whole LIBOR scandal?  Could it be that the vast Left Wing conspiracy finally has enough power and resources to take us down?  They seem to think so.

Leon Trotsky at one time during his exile in Mexico said that the US was an armed camp, and that ownership of firearms is prized, and skill with the firearm was valued.  He then said that the communists couldn't confront us directly because we'd destroy them.  But, he also said that they needed to surround this country with hostile neighbours (Mexico, Cuba, Canada, and the rest of Latin America...).  Then, distract us with politically pointless issues (Abortion, gun control, environmental issues, gay rights, animal rights, and the plethora of liberal issues...).  And finally, like an over-ripened fruit, we'd rot from within... destroying ourselves.  Is what's happening now, the end game of this Trotskyist plot?  Yes, it is...

You're probably wondering, can we recover from this, our darkest hour?  I say, yes we can!  How?
Simple... We keep working within the system, discrediting the Left.  They believe they have a monopoly on the media.  The only thing they control is TV and print media; they don't control the Internet or radio.  But, they're trying to gain control of both of those as we speak.  The other thing we do to counter them, is to do to them what they did in Egypt... Use the tools of socialist revolution to destroy the socialists!  If we can't do this, what else are we left with?  Civil war.  Like Trotsky before had said "not believing in force is the same as not believing in gravity..."  So, to those that feel war isn't the answer, guess again...

Again, using Trotsky's example: "The depth and strength of a human character are defined by its moral reserves.  People reveal themselves completely only when they are thrown out of the customary conditions of their life, for only then do they have to fall back on their reserves..."  What do you think that he was saying?  I think he was telling us that we don't know what we're capable of until we're tested.  And, ladies and gentlemen... this is the test!  Do we have the intestinal and testicular fortitude to fight for our country?  There are many that do, and I count myself as part of that number.  The thing you now have to ask yourself is: do I count myself as part of this number?  Are you willing to do what is necessary to save your country from this socialist nightmare?  If you do say yes, you'll be no better than those that stood up when they signed the Declaration of Independence.  But this time, you'll be signing your Declaration of Independence from government intrusion!

Now, you have to ask yourself: What's more important?  Freedom, or the convenience of domination?!?!

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