Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I hate racist liberals!!!

Greetings from Occupied Territory... Here's another thing to add to the reasons why I hate Portland: racism!!! Yes it's true, liberals are as racist as the KKK!!! Hard to believe, but it's true! Since I've been in Oregon, I've experienced racism in a most horrible way! How? Simple, people here have preconceived opinions about how Latinos are supposed to be. Like how we're supposed to be brown, have a Spanish surname, and have Spanish accented English. Sorry, but I refuse to fit into your mold!!! I don't have a Spanish surname, and I sure as hell don't speak with Spanish accented English!!! My father is white, and my mother is Mexican; what's the problem?!?! The problem here is that people don't get out much! Where I'm from, California, whites and Mexicans often mix. The end result of this mix is often a family, and children! This is common in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas. How is it that people in Oregon haven't figured this out? And, another thing, Latin America is as diverse as the U.S.... How is this? You ever see a black Latino? If you watch MLB baseball, you've seen plenty of Latinos play, even black Latinos! Remember Sammy Sousa? He's Dominican! In Latin America, Latinos come in all shapes and colours! There are white Latinos (Ever been to Spain?), black Latinos, Mestizo Latinos (the brown ones!!!), and even Asian Latinos! If you've been to Peru, there are lots of Chinese and Japanese Latinos! One of the former Prime Ministers of Peru, Alberto Fujimorii, is of Japanese ancestry! But, he's also Latino!!! Hey, Portland... it's time to get a clue!!! Latinos do not, and will not fit into your preconceived mold!!! If they won't, why should I?!?! Sorry, but I'm from a mixed race family, and I refuse to conform to your preconceived opinions!!!

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